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Silver Nitrate


Almost every person discussing viral infections these days are experts. Some are experts because they read other peoples studies, some have studied viral infections and some have heard about it and formed an opinion. I am saying this because right from the start I must confess that I am no expert. The raging debate currently is about the Lymphocystis virus and whether koi and therefore carp can be infected by this virus. I have seen quite a few authors swear that it can infect carp and describe it fairly accurately. Some just say that it cannot infect carp and that’s it. So for the poor hobbyist like me it becomes a nightmare.

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Chloramine T



Chloramine-T (n-chloro-para-toluene sulfonamide sodium salt) like most other koi medication that we use in bulk, is also used extensively for many other purposes. The uses include treating water plants, aquatic bio security, dental hygiene as well as a disinfectant for pig-, poultry-, and cattle farming, cooling towers and for veterinarian use. It is also used for disinfecting ion exchange resin.



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Amikacin Injections

Amikacin is the one antibiotic that is still very potent in the treatment of bacterial disease in koi. I base this statement on the sensitivity tests that came back from laboratories. In most cases the bacteria is sensitive to Amikacin.   Amikacin is part of the amino glycosides like Streptomycin Tobramycin Gentamicin etc. and the problem with the use of Amikacin is the perceived/possible impact on the kidneys of koi. It is therefore mostly used as a last resort for koi keepers in treating diseased koi. The fact remains that given in the correct dosages, it will annihilate sensitive bacteria.

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A guide to the use of antibiotics

There have been numerous discussions regarding the use of antibiotics when treating koi. Mostly the discussions are amongst those that are willing to use it and those that are totally against the use of antibiotics.

This article is not intended to promote the use of antibiotics or to convince keepers to use antibiotics. It is merely to indicate the different views regarding antibiotics and also to guide the koi keeper should he/she have to decide in a specific situation whether to use antibiotics or not.




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Entubating Koi

Over the years koi keepers had to adopt very ingenious ways to treat sick fish, mostly because there are very few Veterinarians that specialises in fish. Who can blame the Veterinarians? In today’s modern setup, very few will make house-calls and very few koi owners will put the fish on a leash and walk to the Vet! No the easiest way is to try and figure it out yourself, or phone around to ask friends. A very few lucky koi keepers will phone the correct friend.

A quick rundown of the various ways to administer drugs to koi are mentioned, just to get to the procedure of ‘Tubing”. This technique may assist koi keepers where other techniques fail.

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