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Myths, Mysteries and Fallacies


When you get involved with Koi and all the fascinating aspects of the hobby, it is sometimes so overwhelming that it is normal to feel totally inadequate in the presence of more experienced Koi keepers. The fact is that one feels intimidated with the use of Japanese words and just when you think you know some of the words, you realise that your pronunciation of the words is such that you must repeat the word several times before those around you would understand what you are trying to say.

In awe, you listen and absorb the “facts” that every person freely uttered and those “facts” remain gospel in your mind forever. That is, until you start reading and gaining more experience. Some hobbyists never reach a point where they actively start to question some of the statements that appear in books, magazines and in articles on the internet. The real fact is that the hobby of Koi keeping is evolving at a tremendous pace and the more one question the statements made in books etc. that was published many years ago, the faster new ideas will be put into practice. It can only benefit the hobby of Koi keeping. Although some of us have no qualms about trying and evaluating new techniques and products, many have a hard time letting go of old ideas that has been presented to us as fact. Sometimes we are unconsciously hampered by adherence to beliefs in concepts that may or may not have a basis in science or experience, but have been sustained through repetition by some of the more “experienced” Koi keeping community.

These concepts are often presented to the newcomer as Koi dogma, to be accepted without question, but to be treated with great reverence and passed on to those who would follow. If I use the whole capacity of this web-site, there will still not be enough space to incorporate every example of such dogma. At least under this heading it will be possible to highlight some of the great fallacies in koi keeping in a concise way.

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