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Myths, Mysteries and Fallacies


The word Tategoi is probably the most overused, misused or abused word amongst the Koi fraternity. The fact is that a Tategoi is a koi that has survived the strenuous culling processes of dedicated breeders for one or many seasons purely on the grounds of the perceived potential to improve to become a serious contender at major shows by the breeder. The breeder with the knowledge of a particular bloodline passed down to him through the experience of many generations is actually the only one who can confidently label a specific koi as Tategoi. Still the label comes without guarantees and the risk remains with the purchaser.

Now for dealers that had not even set an eye on the parent stock, let alone the previous progeny, the easiest way to sell a Koi is to label it Tategoi, triple the price on it and leave the hobbyist to it. If the Koi doesn't develop it must have been something the hobbyist did or didn't do! This tactic works at a koi show. Just walk around the koi shows and listen to the sales talk! Whether the same customers will return next time is open for argument.

Even if one dealer is fortunate and rich enough to obtain a real Tategoi from Japan, please consider the following. Mr. Tokutake, certified ZNA Koi Judge, is quoted on www.koi.com:  “Keeping Tategoi is never an easy task. When I purchase 10 of the highest grade Tategoi in the spring, even if one of them turns out the way I had hoped for at the end of the growing season, I consider myself very fortunate”.

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