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Snakes a threat to Koi?


The following was brought to my attention by Quinten Schutte. The photos were posted on http://www.rainbowfish.info by Charlene. It is quite fascinating photos! Charlene took the photos in January 2009, Knysna South africa. She wrote:

“The past summer (we're in the southern hemisphere) was unusually dry, had a drought, water restrictions etc. After living here with our fish pond in-tact for 8 years this year was the first time we ever experienced this "theft".

Snake ID - "Common brown Water Snake", Non-venomous, Constrictor, took him 2,5 hrs to eat that fish. Very timid snakes.

After that, throughout Jan/Feb/March, various sized of these snakes appeared and we lost a total of 8 koi and goldfish. And they picked the biggest fish every time! We saved one koi by literally "unraveling" the snake from around the koi, but they got him at a later stage anyway. (After we put nets over! they still got in small gaps in the sides!)

We have never lost any fish to birds, yet these snakes found their "restaurant". Since we have been receiving rain the snakes have gone (or probably in hibernation with their "GPS's" no doubt aimed at our pond co-ordinates for summer!!).

We never harmed any of the snakes, it's nature - we just moved them down the hill next to the house (but they sure found their way back!)

Sadly I only have two koi left after the snakes, the rest are goldfish and I had to restock with some more goldfish.  Going to keep an eye out for some more koi too!"







While this makes fascinating reading, I recall a visit to a game farm near Alldays in Limpopo Province where the owners of the farm informed us that all the koi in their pond were wiped out in a single night by a five meter African Rock Python! The snake was literally stuffed with fish. They had to relocate the snake to another farm before stocking the pond again!

As Charlene said, they adjust their GPS's and will return again when hungry!!

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