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Momotaro Mako Showa

Working Towards a Better Showa: Mako Showa (see the parent tree)

Extract taken from  http://www.momotaro-koi.org/english/ to supplement the koi4u Grow and Showa competition that is starting in Febryary 2011

Throughout the koi world there are many generalizations regarding the main koi varieties. Many people would say that good specimens of Kohaku have the best bodies and the ability for a deeper but lasting red color(beni). Many would agree that Sanke can grow the longest and have the most elastic red. The generalization about Showa is that despite its striking colors, Showa often times lack the length and uniformity of its body to compete with the Sanke and Kohaku for the highest awards at the highest level. These generalizations have led us at Momotaro Koi Farm to strive to produce a new type of Showa, one with the growth ability and body lines of Sanke and Kohaku as well as an improved, even more dynamic black color(sumi).

Since 2004, Momotaro Koi Farm has experimented with mixing the Kohaku and Sanke body traits into the Showa variety. What is the best way to do this? By starting with the best body base possible, we crossed a female Mako Blookline Kohaku to one of our best male Showa. Mako was our main Sanke parent koi from a Matsunosuke Magoi Sanke parentage, so her daughter Kohaku has the genetics for growth and girth.

From this initial spawning, the eggs and fry were few. After a summer of growing and intensive culling, only a few Showa from his crop remained. By the early summer of 2006 the best male Showa was used to spawn a Takeda-bred female Showa. At that time this male "Mako-Showa" showed the body characteristics we were hoping for, but the sumi was still very uninspiring. Now, in 2008 his sumi has remained unchanged but he has steadily grown in our male-greenhouse to 88cm.

The 2006 spawn of this lone Mako-Showa male to the Takeda Female was step in the right direction. Although there were not many fry produced, there were enough to get an idea of the kind of koi this new type of Showa could produce. By the time we got to the last cull of that Autumn many of these were actually sold because we were unimpressed with the sumi. Only after a winter in the mudponds and another Spring-time cull did we see the potential of these koi. The remainder spent summer of 2007 in a mudpond and were not harvested and looked at closely until the late Autumn.

By early 2008 the males and females were separated and in the spring and summer of 2008 many of these Mako-Showa males were used as parent koi. We have been impressed with the body lines and growth of these Showa as well as the bolder sumi. We hoped that with the right matches we could bring those characteristics out in our Showa tosai of 2008/09. While it may be too early to tell how great these 2008 Mako Showas will be, we are sure that we are going in the right direction. Our goal to produce Showas that have both the coloration and body to compete at the highest level continues to motivate us. Mako Showa is just beginning. 


Chris Maritz quoted from Koibito.com :

Momotaro Koi Farm has been heavily promoting their Mako Showa bloodline over the last couple of years, so most of you should know it by now. But, Mako Showa Jumbo Tosai has only been sold in previous years at auction, or as small Tosai. This year things are different...

In Mid February, while visiting Momotaro Koi Farm, Koibito Japan heard from Maeda San that he would be selecting his Mako Showa Jumbo Tosai on February 25th, and those koi which did not make the cut to Tategoi would be offered for sale...

The Mako Showa bloodline, for those of you who don't know, is the very latest development at Momotaro Koi Farm. The Mako Showa project has been a labour of love for Maeda San for the last 6 years, since he first crossed a female Mako bloodline Kohaku with their best male Showa at the time. Mako was a main female Matsunosuke Magoi Sanke parent koi at Momotaro Koi Farm, and the Kohaku used to kick start the Mako Showa bloodline showed all the body and girth which Mako herself originally did. After many years of culling, breeding, growing and experimenting, Maeda San is finally reaching the point where his Mako Showa are now becoming famous, not only in Japan, but all over the world. Showa with not only great sumi, beni and shiroji, but also the potential be really big Jumbo koi with great bodies...a dream for any Showa lover, surely!

Pieter wrote "The showa are all from the Mako bloodline, primarily from Mako-line males crossed with our older/different females"

Ernst wrote: This is great news - we are getting early access to a new and excting bloodline! Can't wait

A promotional Video of Momotaro Koi Farm can be seen here:


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