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Viral diseases

Carp pox

Carp pox has been known in the koi industry for many years. It is cased by a virus belonging to the herpes group and is regarded as cronic and not life threatening. Although carp pox is not frequently encountered in other countries, I have rarely seen a pond in South Africa without at least one infected fish. It suggests that it is a common disease but not easily transmittable. Infected fish develop small white raised areas resembling candle wax dripped onto the fish. It often develops during the early spring, so it is possible that frequent temperature changes may weaken the immune system, allowing the virus to be more effective. The symptoms sometimes disappeared with an increase in water temperature, but it does not mean that the koi is free from the disease. I have notice these waxy lumps every year on a fish during winter, only to disappear in summer.

Symptoms associated with carp pox
  1. The waxy lumps that appear on the fish easily identify carp pox.
  2. Sometime it resembles candle wax that was dripped onto a fish.
  3. No other symptoms are associated with this virus.

Prevention of carp pox
  1. Maintain stable water temperature during spring and autumn.
  2. Immaculate water quality may assist the immune system of the fish to combat the virus.

Treatment of Carp Pox
  1. There is no known cure for carp pox.
  2. It is said that an increase in water temperature of one degree Celsius per day over a period of ten days may cause the symptoms to disappear.
  3. The symptoms may reappear in spring and autumn.

It can be scraped of but there is a danger of bacterial infection.

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