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Pond Construction

Marking the site


Now that you have considered all the pros and cons of where to place the pond, you may also have a fairly good idea of the preferred shape, size, depth and style of the pond. The decision whether the pond will be above ground level, partly above ground level or completely below ground should also be considered at this stage. Normally it is an advantage to draw the outline of the garden on a sheet of graph paper and then to draw the outline of the pond and filter system.

The next step is to mark the pond and filter system in the garden. Depending on the shape of the pond, you can either use pegs and string or for a more rounded shape use a garden hose. One can also as a further aid, place markers where the bottom drains will be installed and also the return plumbing, venture water feature etc. This will assist in visualising the eventual pond and can give you a good idea how effective the water circulation will be. In cases where the pond will be double-walled, considerable space will be needed for the block/brick work and the plumbing. Allowing for the above may reduce the pond size if the chosen area is not large enough. Now is also the time to ensure that easy access exists for an excavator or wheelbarrows, building material and labour. Make sure there is enough space to store/dump/landscape the soil that will be excavated. Remember that a cubic meter compacted soil is about 30% more when it is loosened and dug out.

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