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Pond Construction

Designing a pond

The design of the pond entails more than just a conceptualisation of how the aesthetics should be. The design must of course include the type of pond, whether formal or informal. It should take into consideration what effect you wish to create. It can either blend in with the garden, or the building style of the main residence. It can also be a combination of both where the pond looks like an extension of the garden, gradually changing the effect until it blends in with the buildings. This must be artfully done or the pond may eventually end up looking like it was haphazardly flung together with the owner changing his mind halfway through construction.

After considering all the above, as well as the factors under planning, it is time to decide on the design of the pond. By design I mean the bottom drains, skimmer, water returns aeration, water feature, UV sterilizer and type of filter systems. The filter systems can include various types or combinations of filters like sand filters, vortex filters, concrete filter bays, fibre glass boxes, pump or gravity fed filters, bubble bead filters, type of filter media, ozone generators and of course the heart of the pond, the type of pump to use.

The above are really a mouth full and a true design can only be attempted if the basic principles of all the above is clearly understood and the practical use of every combination is considered. The main purpose of the design should be to keep water. If this is done properly, the fish will mostly look after themselves. However, keeping water can be hard and time consuming work if there is a fatal flaw in the design. The design should be aimed at ensuring enough water flow through the filters, sufficient circulation in the pond, enough surface area for the nitrifying bacteria, clear water and equally important, a self cleaning system with minimum maintenance.

All the components of design will be discussed separately.

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