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Pond Construction

Rounded Corners


If you have opted for a rectangular pond, it will be necessary to consider the eventual flow of water in the pond. The pond will be a closed system where water will be circulated and it is desirable to avoid dead spots where water will become stagnant, and debris will also accumulate. The solution to this is to ensure rounded corners in the pond. The illustrations below show how the circulation should be and the reason for avoiding 90 degree corners.



Rounded corners can be effected in two ways.

The first is to drill anchors into the brickwork and then to attach shutter board to the anchors. Concrete can then be poured into the corner behind the board. The advantage of this method is that the shutter board can be shaped, making the eventual rendering easier.


The second method is to build a row of bricks/blocks diagonally across the corner to eliminate the 90 degree angle.


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