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Pond Construction

Get Permission


When you wish to build a pond on your property, it is always wise to consult the Town Planning/Building Inspectorate of your local Authority. The bylaws regulating to the building of Koi ponds differ between Local Authorities and all the bylaws are also subject to the National Building regulations. It is therefore not possible to cover all possibilities, but normally all the bylaws set the similar requirements. For convenience sake, the Bylaws governing the building of ponds in the uMhlathuze area (Richards Bay/Empangeni), are summarized in the following paragraphs. It is interesting to note that some requirements are set for Koi ponds, some for swimming pools and some for both pools and ponds.

1. A person willing to set up a koi pond that is deeper than 300mm needs to submit building plans to the municipality for approval before getting it done.

2. A person willing to build a swimming pool needs to submit building plans to the municipality for approval before the construction of the pool begins.

3. The following should be noted when one submits a building plan for a swimming pool or koi pond:

a. The plan should consist of the site plan and the position of the proposed pool or a koi pond must be indicated on the site plan. Additional site information such as:

• Site Boundary dimensions
• Building Lines
• Existing structures on site
• Distances from pool/koi pond to existing structure/s and boundary lines on site.    
• Size & depth of the swimming pool/ koi pond
• Self locking or self closing gates leading into the pool.                                                                                            
• Fence around the pool must be indicated.

4. Section through the pool is required on scale 1:100 or 1:50 indicating the depth and building material to be used in pool construction. The scale for the site plan should be 1:100 or 1:200.

5. The Council need one sepia copy and three paper copies preferably on A3,A2 or A1 size sheets of paper and the Author of the plans should be a person who is registered with SACAP in order for Building Inspectorate to consider the plans for approval.

6. The design of the pool should comply with the following regulations, but these are not applicable to Koi Ponds:

• Part D4. (1), (2) and D5 of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103 of 1977.

• Part D (DD4.) (DD4.1, DD4.2, DD4.3) of the Deemed-To-Satisfy Rules.

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