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Designing a pond

The design of the pond entails more than just a conceptualisation of how the aesthetics should be. The design must of course include the type of pond, whether formal or informal. It should take into consideration what effect you wish to create. It can either blend in with the garden, or the building style of the main residence. It can also be a combination of both where the pond looks like an extension of the garden, gradually changing the effect until it blends in with the buildings. This must be artfully done or the pond may eventually end up looking like it was haphazardly flung together with the owner changing his mind halfway through construction.

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Marking the site


Now that you have considered all the pros and cons of where to place the pond, you may also have a fairly good idea of the preferred shape, size, depth and style of the pond. The decision whether the pond will be above ground level, partly above ground level or completely below ground should also be considered at this stage. Normally it is an advantage to draw the outline of the garden on a sheet of graph paper and then to draw the outline of the pond and filter system.

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Planning a Pond

Building a Koi pond is not easy, but the rewards of having a well-constructed Koi pond are immeasurable.  As in any endeavor, success in building a Koi pond depends on careful planning and execution.  It can however be a humbling experience when you don’t know what you are doing. Even experienced Koi keepers will admit that if they can do it over again, they will do it differently

There was a programme on BBC a while ago where a group of people attempted to construct a Koi pond in a few days. This group consisted of experts on various disciplines and managed to convince the viewers that they have reached the deadline on time. A few weeks later they publicly admitted that the whole process was a disaster.

When potential hobbyists want to build a Koi pond, most of them are under the impression that you can do it on the spur of the moment and I have seen a lot of cases where they grab a spade and start digging without essential planning. Some of them succeed in ending up with a nice goldfish pond, while others end up with a nice hole in the garden. No water, no fish and very despondent. Another category of future hobbyists, end up with a pond that is not nearly suitable for Koi and eventually give up. The last handful of people is the ones getting advice from senior club members, they visit many ponds and also get assistance from professionals.

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