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Oxygen is the most important water quality factor for healthy fish. We can provide oxygen through different forms or techniques, via water features or waterfalls, venturi or air pumps.

A venturi is one of the most efficient ways to oxygenate water and to ensure optimum water circulation in a pond. Some experts don't recommend venturis, stating that they can be inefficient devices because it forces the pump to push water through a restrictive venturi tube. This argument is certainly valid if one pump needs to return water to the pond through only this one device. Normally in fair sized ponds there are more than one return, all controlled through valves to regulate the flow needed at every point. 

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Get Permission


When you wish to build a pond on your property, it is always wise to consult the Town Planning/Building Inspectorate of your local Authority. The bylaws regulating to the building of Koi ponds differ between Local Authorities and all the bylaws are also subject to the National Building regulations. It is therefore not possible to cover all possibilities, but normally all the bylaws set the similar requirements. For convenience sake, the Bylaws governing the building of ponds in the uMhlathuze area (Richards Bay/Empangeni), are summarized in the following paragraphs. It is interesting to note that some requirements are set for Koi ponds, some for swimming pools and some for both pools and ponds.

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Rounded Corners


If you have opted for a rectangular pond, it will be necessary to consider the eventual flow of water in the pond. The pond will be a closed system where water will be circulated and it is desirable to avoid dead spots where water will become stagnant, and debris will also accumulate. The solution to this is to ensure rounded corners in the pond. The illustrations below show how the circulation should be and the reason for avoiding 90 degree corners.

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Building the walls



If you are building a deep pond, it is assumed that there will be reinforcing rods in the foundation to prevent the base of the wall from “kicking” out from the water pressure.

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Although the brickwork is fairly easy to do yourself if you have the time, most hobbyists agree that plastering or rendering of the walls is one task that they prefer to get done by a professional. There are two methods that you can use for plastering

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